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Low-Emission Zone - a short introduction

Short introduction

As of 1st February, 2016, Aachen will have an "Umweltzone" (Environmental Zone or Low-Emission Zone). From that date onwards, only vehicles with a Green Sticker or a special permit will be allowed to enter the Environmental Zone.

For the most part, the boundary of the Environmental Zone follows Aachen's outer ring road and includes all the streets and roads within the designated area. For a detailed overview, click on the following link: Map (pdf).

The City of Aachen's website features an Environmental Zone page that covers everything you need to know on the topic. You'll find a range of useful information there:

Green Sticker: Where do I get one?
Exemptions and application procedures (German)
Frequently Asked Questions (German)
Press releases (German)

The webpage you are currently visiting – "www.aachen.de/umweltzone" – will be continuously and promptly updated and maintained.

Whether you are in or outside Germany, you can use the following email address to request further information and to ask questions in your own national language: umweltzone@mail.aachen.de.