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Green Sticker: Where do I get one?

If you want to get a Green Sticker for your vehicle, you will need to present your vehicle registration document or Registration Certificate Part 1. This document contains a certain combination of numbers and letters that indicates whether you qualify to be granted a Green Sticker for the vehicle in question.

The sticker costs between five and fifteen euros, depending on the provider. You can get one – in person or online – from any of the following authorities or agencies in the City and Municipal Region of Aachen:

1. Straßenverkehrsamt
(Road Traffic Licensing Authority)
located in the business park near the motorway junction "Aachener Kreuz"
Carlo-Schmid-Straße 4
52146 Würselen
Tel: +49 (0) 2405 / 697-0
Fax: +49 (0) 2405 / 697-170
Mail: info.stva@staedteregion-aachen.de

Applying online to the Straßenverkehrsamt for the Green Sticker:

www.stva-ac.de > Feinstaubplakette - Berechnung und Bestellung

Issue of stickers

Email address for all online applications:


2. TÜV Rheinland
(Technical Inspection Agency - Rhineland)
Prüfstelle (Testing Centre)
Hubert-Wienen-Straße 36
52070 Aachen
Tel: 0241 / 9551710
Web: TÜV-Prüfstelle Aachen

Applying online to the TÜV for the Green Sticker:

TÜV Nord


3. DEKRA Aachen
(German Motor Vehicle Inspection Association)
Prüfstelle (Testing Centre)
Rottstraße 41
52068 Aachen
Tel: 0241 / 94200

Applying online to the DEKRA for the Green Sticker


4. Gesellschaft für technische Überwachung (GTÜ)
(German Association for Technical Inspection)
Ingenieurbüro Kremer u. Reismann
(Motor Vehicle Consulting Engineers in Aachen)
Trierer Straße 492
52078 Aachen
Tel:  0241 / 44 52 311
Mail: info@gtueaachen.de
Web: GTÜ


5. Authorised vehicle repair shops in the City and Municipal Region of Aachen:

 List of members of the "Innung des Kraftfahrzeuggewerbes Aachen" (Aachen Car Repair Trade Guild) (pdf)