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A warm welcome to Aachen!

If you’re an international student taking up studies at one of Aachen’s four universities and tertiary colleges, we’re really looking forward to welcoming you! You and the 7,000+ other foreign students from over 120 countries are helping keep Aachen a place of great openness, tolerance and colour. A whole raft of people and organisations, our location in Europe, our rich offering of international cuisine and not least the people of Aachen themselves are going to make sure that you really get to feel at home here quickly. At aachen-studis.de you’ll find all the key information to help you “get into” Aachen.


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Find out here what makes Aachen tick.

Welcome to Aachen


Our unflappable young pair of film-makers Sebastian (a student at ABK Maastricht) and Xenia (a student at RWTH Aachen University) skimped on neither cost nor effort to launch what is guaranteed to be a totally non-representative survey of students outside the Super C and of citizens at large in the city centre: “What would you have missed out on if you hadn’t come to Aachen?”. The replies they received were so authentic they’ll tug your heartstrings.