• Suermondt-Ludwig-Museum

    Suermondt Ludwig Museum TeaserDiscover collections of medieval sculpture in Germany, early Netherlands and German painting and 17th Century Dutch and Flemish painting ...

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  • Centre Charlemagne – Neues Stadtmuseum Aachen

    Centre Charlemagne (c) atsSince the 25th of January the imperial city has a new city museum: the Centre Charlemagne. The museum is located at the Katschhof between cathedral and town hall …

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  • Cathedral of Aachen

    Krönungsstuhl TeaserCharlemagne's original St. Mary's Church survives to this day as the core structure of the Aachen Cathedral. It was the sacral centre of the Carolingian empire and became the coronation church of medieval kings ...

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  • Cathedral Treasury

    Aachen Domschatz (c) Domkapitel AachenCharlemagne's palace, the era of coronations and the tradition of pilgrimages have produced an unique and magnificent church treasure whose most famous pieces are on show today in the Cathedral Treasury ...

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  • Town Hall

    Krönungssaal TeaserAachen's Town Hall was built as an expression of the aspirations of the medieval town and also served as the celebration hall for the coronation banquets of the German kings ...

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  • Couven-Museum

    Couven Museum TeaserThe Couven-Museum gives an insight into the style of living of the 18th and 19th century. It's more than just a simple visit to a museum ...

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  • Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst

    Ludwig ForumThe "Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst" provides above all a setting in which different forms of contemporary art are presented. These forms of art also interact ...

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  • Internationales Zeitungsmuseum

    IZM aussen HinschlaegerThe collection of the "Internationales Zeitungsmuseum" contains more than 200.000 issues and has become a world wide famous museum for newspaper and press history ...

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  • Art from North Rhine Westphalia

    Kunst aus NRW TeaserThe Art from North Rhine Westphalia serves for a an attractive baroque scenery. Enjoy an interesting exhibition of contemporary art ...

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