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  • New website

    ats i 120x80Check out our new website (only in German) ...

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  • Programideas for groups 2017/18

    Teaserbild 2014 Programmideen GBOf what kind the program for your group tour to the emperor city of Aachen may be, the brochure recently published offers ideas for every taste and demand ...

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  • Aachen Chronoskope®

    Teaserbild Titel ChronoskopeWith the worldwide unique Aachen Chronoskope® you can make a time journey through the history of the imperial city ...

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  • Interesting blog post about the "Aachener Printen"

    BlogCrawfishandcaramel-120x80(c)AmyEberBlogger Amy Landolt Eber tells you the story of the "Aachener Printen" on her personal blog called "Crawfish & Caramel" .

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  • Low-Emission Zone in Aachen

    Umweltzone Aachen 120x80 (c) A. HerrmannAs of 1st February, 2016, Aachen will have a Low-Emission Zone. Only vehicles with a Green Sticker or a special permit will be allowed to enter the Environmental Zone...

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  • Charlemagne guides through Aachen

    Kaiser Karl GB_TeaserCharlemagne leads the readers with this small city guide personally through Aachen ...

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