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  • Aachen – lovable, liveable and worth experiencing

    Aachen - a town of rich variety: historic thermal spa, university town, scientific and technology centre...

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  • Aachen and water

    The history of thermal spa in Aachen begins already in the Roman era...

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  • Aachener Printen

    These cake like biscuits are not just called “Printen" but “Aachener Printen" ...

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  • Charlemagne

    More than only an Emperor Charlemagne invented the european thought...

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  • City of fountains and monuments

    Aachen, the "city of water", is decorated with many fountains...

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  • Congress city Aachen

    Aachen as a Congress City - high-tech equipment and historical surroundings guarantee high quality conferences...

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  • The Aachen cathedral

    One of the most important builings of the Carolingian era. Chosen as the first german monument in the UNESCO world cultural heritage...

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  • The Aachen town hall

    On the foundations of Charlemagne's palace, the townspeople of Aachen built the gothic Town Hall...

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