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Aachen has been visited for its thermal springs since Roman times. Indeed, royals of all epochs have visited Aachen. Charlemagne and Casanova both bathed here, and the large number of royal guests has lent Aachen the name "Spa of Kings". This tradition still continues today. Contemporary and ultramodern, the spa facilities are available to ease the aches and pains. The spa of Aachen has no "season"; the health-giving spring flows all year.

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Rheumatic disorders
Degenerative disorders of the musculoskeletal system
Conditions following accidents, secondary treatment of paralysis, and surgery on the musculoskeletal system
Joint alterations due to gout
Gynaecological disorders

Cardiovascular decompensation
Active tuberculosis

Additional treatments
Mud/paraffin wax packs
Therapeutic massage
Medical baths of all kinds
Remedial exercises

Thermal springs
Sodium chloride-hydrogen carbonate thermal springs containing fluoride or sulphur, including the hottest springs in Central Europe. Suitable for spa cures.

Kaiserquelle, Aachen

Temperature: 51.9 degree Celcius

Rosenquelle, Aachen

Temperature: 45,4 degree Celcius

Landesbadquelle, Burtscheid

Temperature: 73,1 degree Celcius

Schwertbadquelle, Burtscheid

Temperature: 70,0 degree Celcius

Rosenquelle, Burtscheid

Temperature: 61,2 degree Celcius

Compared with the Burtscheid springs, the Aachen springs contain a slightly higher proportion of free hydrogen sulphide (H2S).

Detailed Information about the composition of the water can be found in the Analysis of the Landesbad springs, Bad Aachen – Burtscheid

Cure methods
The springs are used for spa cures, in particular
  Body exercises in thermal mineral water  (32°C - 36°C)
  Thermal mineral baths
  Thermal underwater massage

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